"Most important according to me, is to provide necessary health, so that we can digest food we eat, sleep well, and remember what we have been taught and what we have studied."

-T. Krishnamacharya


At the core of Viniyoga is the primacy of breath. It's the idea of utilizing the breath to transform many systems in the body, not just the physical. Incorporating this life-sustaining “conscious breath” into yoga postures, and modifying classical yoga poses for each individual’s structure, is a large part of Viniyoga. It is a mindful, centered, and graceful practice.



"To the extent that we influence the mind, we influence the entire system and to that extent the person is better."

-T. Krishnamacharya


In its simplest terms, yoga connects many of the bodies main interfaces (anatomical, physiological, emotional, mental and psychological) with their influence over the physical body.